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Helping single fathers become warriors and take control of their life

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About Brandon

From selling candy in 4th grade to operating several businesses in a variety of industries, Brandon is what we call an entrepreneur at heart.


For over 20 years at a Fortune 500 company, Brandon specialized in recruiting and training talent, he established partnerships with technical colleges and private organizations, and for years he has been leading the men in his church through community service, wildlife initiatives, veteran programs, elderly care, and living the gospel of Christ through faith.


Brandon believes in fostering a learning environment for the men that he leads as well as for his two young daughters. His sarcastic no non-sense approach to life has afforded him many great opportunities to serve as the catalyst for change by showing others how to find the humor in their lives and circumstances.


He also enjoys hiking, camping, lifting heavy things, splitting wood, and you might even catch him doing yoga!



"I worked through my adversity while ruthlessly plunging forward with no break or mercy in sight. Instead of numbing myself with alcohol, I turned to modalities such as breath work, meditation, journaling, and shadow work..."


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