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Helping single fathers become warriors and take control of their life

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About Brandon

As a man, the worst feeling is to watch the home you built fall apart and be left in ruins. Through all the tears, heartache, and countless mistakes, it is hard to believe that you will ever be a leader again after experiencing a divorce.

Rest assured, with the right coaching, you will rediscover your purpose so you can chase your dreams again, have a successful career, be a great father, feel worthy of dating, and start a new family.

You are worthy of your God’s love, your children’s love and most importantly, YOUR love. It is all possible and I want to help guide you on that path by sharing with you what has taken me years to learn.


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Become A Warrior

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My life’s calling is to help other men stop the self destruction that comes from divorce. To step into leadership as they become more self-aware and begin to live again to identify and stop the generational trauma in their life.

Life Coaching

Virtual and in-person

Divorce Coaching

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“It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.”
Chinese Proverb

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Bruce, GA

I will be completing my first 6 months shortly. My divorce was horrible and I have been very angry and hurt. I was left with nothing and I only have my kids on weekends. It has been a couple years since the divorce and I was sick of the anger and not being able to move on from it. I know my kids feel it when they come to my house everyone feels it when they are with me, I wanted it to stop. When we first met I was asked, Who do you want to be now? I hadn't ever really thought about that, I just felt so trapped and like a failure. Through the modalities and practices I have found a lot of forgiveness for myself and I have become happier again. My kids have noticed the change as well and it seems when I go to friends I don't get that stare anymore and I don't talk about how my x is screwing me over as much. I have more work to do it has been nice talking to a guy about my divorce who just gets me. He talked straight and doesn't bullshit, just lays it out so I can see what I need to do. 

Spencer, IA

My relationship with Brandon goes back to high school. I wasn't on a good path and he helped me see more of a purpose in life through God and creating personal goals. We have always stayed close and I have always been able to get more perspective on my ambitions in life. From asking my girlfriend to marry me to my first million he has always been there, I don't make my major decisions without speaking to him. He has shared with me different practices and perspective that I have used throughout life and especially when it came to me leaving the Mormon church. Navigating being disowned by my family, friends and being shamed from the only community I knew, was difficult. It put a lot of strain on my marriage as we explored new morals and standards for our life. I know if it wasn't for his insight and direct candor I wouldn't have the peace and success I have in my life. 

Selena, AZ

I knew Brandon as a friend, I watched him as he was navigating through his divorce. We started talking and I related some issues I had in my marriage and dreams I had and didn't know how to get them. Through some modalities and inner work practices he shared with me I began doing the work. We would talk weekly and he would help me understand what I was doing. Now almost two years later, I have improved my sales by 30% each year at work, my marriage is great my husband and I have grown closer than we ever have, we are expecting another child. I have gotten my realtors license and I am pursuing my career and dream of working for myself and providing for my family. I love myself and I have never been happier!! 

Evan, UT

I have been divorced for over five years. I have been working with Brandon for a while now. I was dealing with substance abuse and a lot of anger towards my x-wife and my Mormon faith and family. I have since started looking at my role in life and coming to peace with God as I see him. I am still working with my family on leaving the church and trying to establish trust with my x-wife so that I can have more custody of my kids. I have been able to kick my addictions and establish a good reliable job as well.  I like that I have a judgement free area to talk about what I want in life and where I have messed up. I don’t want to continue the same cycles over and over, it was time to get some real results. 
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